Serendipitously sprouted from the mind of Michelle Genevieve, Enfoque Lumiére, a whimsical poly-lingual amalgamation of the Spanish word for focus and the French word for light, was imagined as a beautiful creative playground where fine art photography exists humbly to cast, capture and focus light on the art, passion and imagination of other like-minded artists.


What is your passion?

Acting, dancing, drawing, painting, fitness, music, architecture, sport, food, photography?

Whatever your passion, fine art photography can help preserve, project and enhance those precious fleeting moments in time, elegantly illustrating and capturing the very nature of the passion that burns deep within you.     

If you held a portrait of your passion in your hand, how would it look?

What does your passion look like?


What is in your imagination? 

Vivid colors and noir skies or endless textures with fever dreams or perhaps spiraling rabbit holes in vast white rooms?

The finest of photography is miraculous in its capacity to capture those images that once only existed behind the eyes of those courageous enough to dream them, images that go beyond the mere visible and cross into the realm of the sacred inner world of the imagination.

If you held a portrait of your imagination in your hand, how would it look?

What does your imagination look like?

Passion and imagination…

Imagination and passion…

Enfoque Lumiére is that portrait in your hand.

A portrait of your passion and of your imagination.

Your portrait of you.

Michelle Genevieve is a photographer, musician, artist and entrepreneur living and working in Echo Park, CA. She is a student of life and a lover of pups.